build a strong mind, body, and community.

garten takes in-office and virtual events to the
next level with yoga, guided meditation, massage,
and fun community building workshops.

for growth as individuals and teams.

We take a holistic approach to wellbeing, founded on food, but developed through mindfulness and continuous learning. We strive to offer programs that attract and retain talent, keep teams healthier, and bring more creativity into the office.

Check out our classes, workshops and events. We offer globally-accessible virtual programming to help promote wellbeing, reduce stress, and foster community for distributed work from home teams around the world.


Meditation and Mindfulness Intro
Mindfulness Meditation
Mindful Communication Workshop
Soundbath Meditation Experience
Mindful Stretch & Refresh


Chair Massage
Chair Yoga
Office Ergonomics
Superfood Smoothie Bar
Strategic Snacking Workshop
Fitness Classes, including Bootcamp, HIIT, Boxing, Zumba & More


Paint Night
Aromatherapy Blend Bar