Snack & Chat Webinar: “WOKE” Leadership: Challenging Inequities in Your Organization

As a leader, you have exhibited genuine concern over establishing a healthy, organizational culture. However, during these tumultuous times many leaders, and likely you as well, are waking up to the understanding that not all of our employees are feeling valued, respected, and safe due to inequities rooted in systemic racism.

During this second webinar in our Snack and Chat series, Dr. Jeff McGee, Founder and CEO of Cross-Cultural Dynamics will present:

  • The history of systemic racism
  • Why inequities still exist and are perpetuated today within organizations and communities
  • A Cross-Cultural Model of Collaboration to:
    • Build successful practices and policies within your organization 
    • Dismantle barriers negatively impacting employee performance and engagement thus 
    • Promote higher levels of financial profitability and innovation

Download the chat transcript here.

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