Powered with Plants: Discussion with Fitness Thought-Leader Nimai Delgado

After what has likely been the most taxing year for many, how can companies and individuals better support their health, fitness, and wellbeing at home or the office in 2021?

Join us for a conversation with Nimai Delgado, a plant-based bodybuilder, fitness thought-leader, and social media influencer featured in James Cameron’s documentary “The Game Changers“, in an exclusive interview led by garten’s own Justin David Carl

They will share with us key insights on consciously designing a work/lifestyle that will truly empower employees, individuals, and companies throughout their entire wellbeing journey.

Whether you’re an individual workplace warrior looking for guidance and inspiration, or you’re in charge of company culture, employee experience/perks and are interested in empowering your most valuable asset (your people), there’s wisdom in this webinar for everyone. 

Download the chat transcript here.

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