garten Infinity Speaker Series with Jonathan Fields: Spark Your Work: Discover your unique imprint for work that makes you come alive

A fireside chat with Jonathan Fields, an award-winning author, executive producer, and host of one of the top-ranked podcasts in the world, Good Life Project®. He will introduce and share specific insights about the Sparketypes®️ — a set of unique imprints that identify the essential nature of work that fuels purpose, engagement, expression, and flow, and explore how they relate to our ability to flourish at work and in life.

Highlights include:

• Discover your own personal imprints or Sparketypes

• How we can re-envision our current work to better align with our unique imprint

• How we can tap the Sparketypes to work better, communicate better, and know, see, and understand each other more clearly

• How we can tap the Sparketype to be better leaders and help our teams not just perform at a higher level, but also grow personally and come more fully alive

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