Branded Items

introducing our private label.

High food standards guide our product selection and have recently guided our product creation. To bring value to our clients and circumvent supply chain issues, we’ve created our own unique branded items to stock your kitchen full of employees’ favorites. By supplying these popular and nutritious products, we are able to pass the savings directly on to you.

seed & bloom

meet our lively
little sister.

garten is proud to introduce Seed & Bloom, our private label of nutritious, non-GMO snacks for the modern workplace at budget-conscious price points. Seed & Bloom was sprouted from the philosophy that the more healthful foods people consume during the day, the happier, more engaged, and creative they become. We want to help seed your ideas, nurture them, and watch them bloom.

coconut water

quench your
body & mind.

Created to nourish your mind and body, Seed & Bloom Coconut Water is harvested from ethically sourced sweet coconuts to bring holistic hydration into your life. Each sip of our delicious plant-based elixir will fuel your passion for growth, productivity and happiness so you can always reach your full potential.

Launching soon to all garten Kitchens.

garten organic

we’re cooking up something special.

Stay tuned this summer as we launch our organic line of premium snacks for your office kitchens. Plant-based energy treats and healthy salty snacks will be soon hitting your pantry shelves.

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