Why You Should Let Experts Manage Your Office Kitchen

There are several reasons to let the experts manage your office kitchen. One of them is how the kitchen is designed to optimize your space. We take every detail into consideration. Our process includes: 

  1. Traffic flow: When a company is in hyper-growth, employee headcount increases rapidly and so does kitchen usage. For example, the flow that worked before may now be creating a bottleneck at the coffee station.  At Oh My Green, we have already thought through office kitchen design for optimal flow and glow, no matter the number of employees. When you partner with us, we take a look at the smallest of details to be sure your space is being utilized most efficiently. 
  2. Product Placement: Implementing a healthier food program into the office can be met with some resistance, but we have learned that the strategic placement of products helps. Our  “nudge don’t push” approach has proven to be successful. Initially, we place the less healthy food items on the bottom shelf versus removing them cold-turkey. Then, we place healthier items, such as produce, at eye level, making it easier to make a healthier selection.  Product placements are designed to inspire productivity and contribute to overall well-being. 
  3. Visual Display: Our expertise doesn’t end with kitchen layout or product placement, it extends into visual merchandising. Every item — from the appliances and shelving to the organization of products — is thoughtfully selected. Through the use of natural elements, varied textures, and eye-catching pieces, we take the time to ensure that each client receives a truly handcrafted experience. 
  4. Elements of Delight – Our care goes even farther. It is important to us that we create an atmosphere that is not only inviting but also educational. Every piece of signage we place on the snack shelf is intended to provide functionality and a nugget of nutritional education. Beyond just providing healthy snack options, we want our clients to be aware of the potential nutritional benefits of the food that they consume. We also throw in a fun food fact here and there. 

An inviting kitchen environment is a key element in fostering a positive workplace culture. Oh My Green creates a high-end experience, making the office kitchen a hot-spot for building a community that is centered around delicious and nutritious food. 

We do the heavy lifting, you get all the credit. 

At Oh My Green, we’re on a mission to transform the office into a destination for healthier living. If you’re not an Oh My Green customer, get on board now and make the upgrade