What Today’s Corporate Wellness Programs Are Missing

Wellness trends have increased considerably in the past few years: new technology to keep track of activity, virtual trainers and flashy in-home fitness equipment, plant-based diets, meditation, the list goes on. Corporations are also jumping on the bandwagon by offering a variety of perks and benefits to ensure the well-being of their employees. What continues to be missing from these trends is greater focus and adoption of proper nutrition —which is at the core of overall wellness. 

Most people spend at least a third of their day at work, and what they eat and drink throughout the day has a powerful effect on their overall health and well-being. Now, visualize this common scenario: donuts for breakfast, a quick lunch from the closest fast-food restaurant, soda, and chips as an afternoon snack. Bluntly put, American corporations have become an important distributor for the ultra-processed food industry. When it comes to healthy eating, many people are hindered by limited choices and poor habits. And their employers are not only not helping but sometimes making things worse.

It’s time for corporations to realize they have an opportunity to positively impact the overall well-being of their employees. There’s a myriad of studies showing the connection between proper nutrition and increased productivity and a large number of studies reporting on the staggering costs of poor health habits, for individuals and for corporations. Bottom line, offering healthy foods, snacks, and drinks to employees is not only good for employees but also a sound business investment. 

To learn more, read our white paper How to Make Healthy Eating Part of Your Corporate Culture.

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