What $1 investment has proven to put $6 back in your pocket?

Smart farmers know that investing in the quality of their soil will have a hugely positive outcome on the quality of their crops. It just makes sense, right?

Smart employers realize the same is true in the workplace. They are seeing that a small investment to improve the food employees consume at work is a contributing factor to the success of the company. It’s common sense that higher quality food allows people to operate at a higher level, but it’s been hard to track. 

You need proof an investment will work before you pull the trigger. 

The proof is in. 

Why Higher Quality Food At Work Is An Important Strategy

This meta-analysis shows that both medical and absenteeism-related costs decrease (by $3.27 and $2.73 respectively) for every dollar spent on wellness programs. 

That information is amazing. It shows how powerful the health of your workforce is. 

Providing or subsidizing higher-quality food for employees isn’t only a great way to attract and retain top talent, or to be kind to your employees, or even to become a more sustainable company, it also makes you more profitable. 

Tracking The Proof For Your Company

You need to see that your investment is working so we developed an industry-first, proprietary Nutrition Dashboard. You get real-time data of what your workforce is choosing. This allows you to watch how people will migrate toward healthier foods when there are delicious options to choose from. In short, you have objective evidence of how the program is working at your fingertips. 

Tracking this data is amazing for employees to correlate how they are feeling and performing with the data of their team’s consumption. 

At the same time, leadership is able to more accurately track the ROI of prioritizing their team’s wellbeing. 

Over a 3 month period, our client’s demand for healthier food rose by 18%

Real Results, Real Return

One of the top American cloud-based software companies based in San Francisco found an interesting result with the Nutrition Dashboard. 

Everyone knows how negative sugar is for health, but it’s not easy to eat less of it. With garten Kitchen, employees chose foods that cut the daily intake of added sugar in half over three months. The positive effects from this lower sugar intake will include increased productivity without the afternoon crash, clearer decision-making, and health improvements. 

The Nutrition Dashboard gives you the insight to correlate the nutrition of your workforce and objective ROI. This tool allows you to create an environment that supports your employee’s own desires for wellbeing. 

Forbes points out that employees’ feeling cared for by their company is, “a necessary business strategy for gaining competitive advantage on multiple levels”. The Nutrition Dashboard gives you the data to see that the strategy is working. 

Workplace wellbeing really is a sustainable competitive advantage. 

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