Show You Care With Ants on a Log

Caring is sharing. With just three tasty and nutritious ingredients — found in an Oh My Green-stocked employee kitchen — this Valentine’s Day you can show yourself, your coworkers, and even your family, some love. This grown-up version of Ants on a Log can be whipped up in a jiffy and are guaranteed to please.


2-3 celery sticks cut into 3-inch lengths
1 tbsp of Justin’s almond butter
½ pack of Tierra Farm organic raw mix


Step 1: Cut the celery sticks into 3-inch lengths.
Step 2: Whip the Justin’s Almond Butter with a spoon and spread a little bit onto each celery stick, making sure not to overload. With a knife or spatula, ensure the almond butter is even with the top each celery stick.
Step 3: Place 4-6 pieces of the Tierra Farm Organic Raw Mix directly on the almond butter.
Step 4: Enjoy!

Whether you share these snacks with others or fly solo, you do have a decision to make before assembling. If you are counting calories, you will want to go light on the butter and mix but if you need a snack that will keep your tummy satisfied for a while, load up those logs.

We have no doubt that a few Ants on a Log will make you smile, but imagine the smiles on your coworkers’ faces if you bring a plate of these tasty treats to a meeting. Remember to first check for food allergies!

This recipe is the first in Oh My Green’s series of Snack Inspirations where we combine tasty Oh My Green snacks in creative ways. We’d love to hear what you think. Feel free to tag us on social and share a picture of the smiling faces that you generate with these treats or a selfie of you. Happy and healthy snacking!

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