Our Journey to garten

“All the flowers of tomorrow, are in the seeds of today” Indian Proverb

Last week we announced the exciting news of our rebrand!

How did we get from Oh My Green to garten? 

The idea for garten started with founder Michael Heinrich. He recognized a trend in workplace environments where employees are experiencing burnout rather than wellbeing. This environment, where one strives to achieve without the balance of wellbeing, is in stark contrast to the wisdom that his grandmother sewed into him as a child. She raised Michael to follow wellbeing practices such as eating from her organic garten in Germany, getting plenty of rest, and exercising to promote good health. Thus, the mission and a set of values were born to encapsulate these wellbeing principles. 

As Oh My Green, we were known for our healthy snacks and lunch offerings. Michael believes that living a healthy and blissful life involves more than simply nutrition choices, to function in a healthy and blissful state, we must engage our mind and environment too, this is especially important at the workplace, where many of us spend the majority of our awake hours.

As garten continues to broaden our focus to become a full-service wellbeing provider for employers, supporting their employees’ wellbeing in mind, body and environment, we want our brand to best reflect our mission, what we stand for, and what we’re doing to improve the workplace.

How long did the journey to garten take?

An online search estimates that a rebrand can be completed in as few as 4 to 6 weeks. At garten our rebrand was in development for over a year. We knew that a rebrand signifies a turning point. As we move toward providing broader wellbeing services, combined with the dynamic shift that’s occurring in how the workplace is defined, it was essential to us that the rebrand reflects our founder’s original mission as well as the direction we’re taking to bring wellbeing to the workplace.

To accomplish our rebrand goals, we looked internally – gathering input from our own wellbeing ambassadors, as well as externally – listening to our valuable client partners. Then we engaged a couple of agencies to bring the rebrand to life. Our final partner in the process, Office Jason Schulte Design, was so inspired by our rebrand results, they shared our journey to garten as a case study.

Our new logo visually tells our story. The three pillars, mind, body, and (workplace) environment are reflected in the architecture of our wellbeing g.

Where do we plan to go as garten?

“At garten, our vision is to bring a modern approach to overall wellbeing in the workplace and the rebrand marks an important step in the evolution of our company,” said Michael Heinrich, founder and CEO of garten. “The focus on health is top-of-mind and more important than ever. We’ve heard from numerous leaders that wellness and especially immunity will play an integral role in how they support their employees as they come back to the workforce, whether onsite or remote.”

garten is here, to welcome your employees to work, and to meet them on their wellbeing journey, whether that’s our onsite or remote solutions. Self-care has been hard to come by these past few months, we know processed foods have been on the rise, and immunity is at risk, so whatever garten can do to help people feel a little better about themselves; make a few better choices throughout the day; and just feel cared for – that’s our mission, to empower people to live healthy and blissful lives. That’s why we do what we do – – workplace wellbeing for every employee.

Blog Post Written by Kathleen Donnelly