Oh My Green is now garten

Today, Oh My Green becomes garten. It’s been a long time in the making. Our team has been hard at work for over a year to perfect this rebrand initiative. We’re very proud to share the new look and feel of the brand with our customers and friends today. As the workplace continues to evolve, our commitment to wellbeing has never been stronger. 

Five years ago, I started this company with the vision to bring a modern approach to wellbeing in the workplace. Prior to starting Oh My Green, I was working long hours and engaged in poor health habits. During that time in the finance industry, I saw how corporate culture prized productivity over health and thereby burnout. Long hours and all nighters were a badge of honor. I found this perspective flawed, as strong productivity comes from strong health and further reflected on the wisdom of my 85 year old grandmother Erika. She taught me about the power of using food to nourish and heal the mind and body in her German organic garden. After some deep meditations and self-reflection, I felt energized to make my own health a priority again. Once I did change my wellness habits, I started to feel amazing. garten, which is the German word for garden, pays homage to the roots of the company. I’m so grateful to my grandmother and her garden, for being the inspiration. 

We’ve accomplished a lot in a short amount of time. Today, garten partners with hundreds of companies across the country to bring nutritious food and wellbeing services to their employees. At garten, we believe that teams filled with inspiration and positive nourishment change the world. We see high-quality food and a holistic approach to wellness as critical ingredients in creating a team of happy, thriving employees. Born from a desire to democratize wellness, we’ve set the standard for healthier living in today’s workplace. And while the landscape of the workplace has shifted over the past few months, we know that the focus on health & wellbeing has not. 

The rebrand signifies a turning point as our company moves to a broader full-service wellbeing service provider focused on the mind, body, and environment. With a dynamic shift in the workplace happening as companies explore longer-term onsite and remote workplace options, we know that now more than ever, employers are looking for solutions to support all aspects of their employees’ wellbeing and immunity — both offsite and onsite. 

The next several months will continue to challenge us around the globe, but I am deeply motivated by our mission and committed to staying the course. I hope that you’ll peruse our new website, see our range of services and more.

In good health and with deep gratitude,