Oh My Green Expands Culinary Operation Across the U.S.

Healthy Corporate Catering is Next Step in Company’s Mission to Boost Wellness in the Workplace

SAN FRANCISCO, September 30, 2019 – Oh My Green, a leading provider of healthy food and wellness services for corporations, today announced plans to significantly expand its culinary services in five major metropolitan markets across the United States. The company is boosting its corporate catering offerings in the San Francisco Bay Area to meet increasing demand, and adding operations in New York, Los Angeles, Austin, Seattle and Boston.  

Oh My Green’s catering program brings a thoughtfully curated selection of healthy menus to the workplace, focusing on foods and beverages that are nutritious, delicious, responsibly sourced and prepared with the utmost care and attention. This service expansion marks the next step in the company’s mission to transform the workplace into an environment that better supports employee health, happiness and well-being. Four key elements set Oh My Green’s service apart from the competition: 

  • Premium quality at a competitive price point – Menus prioritize fresh, seasonal, non-GMO and organic foods and are balanced to please a variety of tastes and dietary requirements (including vegetarian, vegan, Halal certified and more). Meat and poultry are always hormone and antibiotic-free, seafood and produce is fresh (never frozen) and whole foods are used instead of trans fats, refined sugars or other types of ultra-processed ingredients. 
  • Sustainable – Oh My Green catering is committed to following sustainable business practices that support local sourcing, conserve natural resources and minimize waste. As much as possible, reusable plates and table settings are used, and everything else is recyclable. Food suppliers are chosen based on their sustainability practices and humane handling of livestock. All produce is 100% seasonal, non-GMO and pesticide-free.
  • Smart, data-driven technology – Oh My Green utilizes a range of innovative technologies to facilitate ordering, scheduling and logistics, as well as to ensure excellent service, presentation and food safety. For example, real-time field data keeps tabs on food temperatures and on-site conditions, food is time and temperature stamped prior to and post-delivery, frequent food safety audits are conducted and email alerts ensure that potential issues are addressed instantly. Oh My Green’s proprietary technology platform also gathers both qualitative and quantitative feedback on the weekly menus, with the information used to continually refine offerings and craft a unique experience that meets every customer’s wants and needs.
  • Restaurant-caliber experience – Oh My Green’s catering service raises the bar on the office lunch with premium menus specially curated by local Michelin Star rated chefs, restaurant quality food and beverage presentation and clear signage that provides details on nutritional content, potential allergens and dietary considerations. 

Poor eating habits and associated health epidemics — including heart disease, diabetes, hypertension, obesity and others — are costing businesses more than $225 billion annually according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.  Conversely, workplace nutrition programs improve employee well-being and productivity, help reduce absenteeism and much more.

“Good nutrition is a core element of wellness, and it’s especially important for people to have healthy options at work, where they spend a majority of their time,” said Michael Heinrich, CEO and Founder of Oh My Green. “Now, in addition to our snack and micro-kitchen services, companies in our catering markets can partner with Oh My Green for a premium experience that prioritizes fresh ingredients, local sources and a nutritious and delicious range of options. This is one more way that employers can cultivate a culture of wellness that helps their employees lead more healthy, inspired and blissful lives.” 

For more information and to see sample catering menu options and pricing, please visit https://garten.co/catering/

About Oh My Green
Oh My Green is concierge-style provider of healthy food and wellness services for corporations of all sizes. Founded out of the Stanford-StartX Incubator and Y Combinator, the company offers a user-friendly wellness platform that brings nutritious snacks, meals, drinks and wellness practices to the workplace through micro-kitchens, micro-markets, catering, cafĂ© management, subscription boxes and more. Combining innovative AI and IoT technologies for easy ordering, replenishment and account management with a carefully curated selection of products, Oh My Green aims to help companies and their workers Eat Healthy and Work Happy, with the goal of improving well-being, productivity and engagement. With clients ranging from tech startups to Fortune 500 companies, the company is headquartered in the San Francisco Bay Area. Visit https://garten.co for more information and join our community on FacebookTwitter and Instagram @OhMyGreenHQ