Marich Pancrafted Chocolates are December’s Snack of the Month

Our December Snack of the Month tastes just like the holidays! Marich® Dark Chocolate Barrel Aged Bourbon Caramels and Marich Dark and White Chocolate Candy Cane Caramels are terrific, delicious, AND Fair Trade Certified™. 

Marich Confectionery was founded in 1983 in Watsonville, California by Marinus van Dam. Marinus started his candy-making career cleaning floors at a local candy store in his native Rotterdam, Netherlands. Through hard work, he learned how to make all sorts of candy —from caramels to jellies. Marinus was one of the first employees at the Herman Goelitz Candy Company (inventor and maker of Jelly Belly® Jelly Bean®) where he created many of the jelly bean recipes that America loves to this day.

In 1998, Marinus’ sons, Brad and Troy built a new Marich site in Hollister, California. They live by their values of “Responsibility: to the company, its people, customers, stakeholders and the world we live in”. Throughout the years, Marich Confectionery has been recognized and awarded accolades for its leadership and shaping the gourmet chocolate space.  

For the holiday season, Marich offers delicious caramels that are made with Fair Trade cocoa. By using Fair Trade products, Marich Confectionery helps farmers live better lives and improve their crop quality. Plus, the chocolates are non-GMO and a vast majority of the ingredients are sourced from local California suppliers. 

If you are an Oh My Green customer and don’t see Marich pancrafted chocolates in your kitchen, ask your Happiness Manager to add them to your mix of snacks. If you’re not a current customer, then get on board and make the upgrade now!