Keeping employees connected and healthy, wherever their workplace happens to be.

While a vaccine seems to be just around the corner, and with the resurgence in COVID in many places around the country, companies are still largely in a work-from-home scenario. However, some essential services or highly regulated jobs that cannot be remote long-term are already returning to on-site work. 

With an increasing hybrid of workplace locations, it is important to maintain company culture and organizational values across the diversity of your organization. Here are 3 ways to foster a great employee experience:

Creating Culture through Communication 

Humans are tribal and the crisis has separated us indefinitely. Whether coming back to a centralized workplace, or leading a remote team or a hybrid team, dynamics have been forever changed.

To get everyone comfortable with the new format, help your team by creating space for authentic connections and truthful conversations. Highlight opportunities designed for these interactions, schedule time on the calendar to facilitate wellness education and openly encourage communication and camaraderie. 

Food is Culture

Food programs at work need to evolve now more than ever so we are less susceptible to sickness. Companies lose millions in productivity costs, health care premiums and absenteeism, which are often due to a bad diet. Food is also an opportunity for connection and bringing people together. However, team members may be uncomfortable prepping meals in a community kitchen with shared kitchen appliances. Many companies supported by wellbeing programs are moving to our contactless smart fridge, garten Market. It’s the most budget-friendly and safest alternative to traditional office food services. Plus, the selection meets our guidelines for healthy and fresh food, that’s readily available.¬†

Eating for Performance

Eating nutrient-dense foods is now more important than ever. Healthy food supports energy and focus–to get through those Zoom marathons–and keeps the immune system strong to fight seasonal flu and other viruses. Fresh fruits, veggies, and protein that are rich in Vitamins A, C, E, and zinc will keep the immune system working efficiently and effectively. Limiting sugar intake helps avoid bouncing blood sugar which can cause crashes in energy and productivity. Drinking adequate amounts of water also helps keep the neurons firing to maintain good focus. 

For your WFH teams, our better-for-you snack boxes consist of higher quality food products, responsibly sourced to protect the health of people and the planet. Our snack standards include all natural, non-GMO, organic, sustainable, and WELL certified, so you can keep your team fueled the right way.

By Bryan Grobstein and Toffler Niemuth