Farm Spotlight: Oz Farm

Oz Farm is located just 130 miles north of San Francisco. This hidden gem offers a dynamic use of the property for organic farming, restorative retreats, and a barn for hosting special events. Notably, the farm hosts three-day organized retreats, tailored to people looking for an opportunity to disconnect from their daily lives and rejuvenate with meditation, yoga, art, and river studies. 

What immediately impressed us about Oz Farm was its focus on preservation and sustainability. A solar-wind power system charges a common battery that provides power to the 240 acres of land, allowing the farm to be completely “off the grid”.

The land is managed by a conservation easement that helps maintain the forest that protects the watershed that flows into the Garcia River —home to the endangered coho salmon and steelhead. Soon after the start of conservation efforts, Oz Farm was recognized to be in compliance with the Garcia River TMDL (Total Maximum Daily Load), an effort to restore wildlife and overall appearance. In just a couple of years, the land was measurably more vital, produced higher quality trees, and improved wildlife habitat.

17 acres of the Oz property is used for agricultural operations. On the growing land, Oz specializes in espaliered farming, a method used to grow crops against the wall. They offer an incredible variety of apples that are rarities and uncommon in more mainstream stores. These interesting varieties include Pink Pearl, Spitzenberg, Hudson’s Golden Gem, White Winter Pearmain, Arkansas Black, Cox Orange Pippin, Belle de Boskoop, Cinnamon Spice, Roxbury Russet, Columbia Russet, Jonagold, Ashmead’s Kernel, King of Tomkins County, Calville Blanc d’Hiver, and Elstards.

Oh My Green chefs love the variety of apples Oz Farm has to offer! At your next catered lunch, pay attention to where your apples come from. Feel proud that together we are being socially responsible consumers, who not only eat to nourish but invests in farms who make an effort to converse land and wildlife. 

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Teresa Liu is a Certified Nutritionist and member of Oh My Green’s amazing culinary team. She works alongside Oh My Green chefs to promote healthy eating and wellness throughout our customers in the San Francisco Bay Area.