Employee Experience in the Age of Covid

Last week garten attended the Perks NYC conference to virtually meet with like-minded Human Resource professionals who place as much importance on the employee experience as their colleagues place on customer experience. 

At garten, our vision is to bring a modern approach to workplace wellbeing. We are focused on developing and delivering innovative offerings that support companies’ efforts to invest in employee experience. While at Perks NYC, garten presented how we are pivoting to support employee wellbeing through the impact of the pandemic. Please view our Perks NYC presentation, “Workplace Wellbeing: Supporting the Remote Workforce” led by Senior Director of Marketing Gary Batara. 

Like garten, HR professionals know that employee experience is the energy that drives the pulse of a company, the manifestation of company culture and organizational values. Studies reveal that companies who are known to foster a great employee experience, one that taps into overall employee wellbeing, through attentiveness to their mind, body, and environment needs, also tend to deliver an exceptional customer experience.   

Traditionally, the employee experience is fostered, in large part, by employees coming together and engaging in team-building activities, whether that is as low-key as a one-on-one meeting with their manager or a colleague or a company-wide event, humans are social creatures. Remote working presents challenges to building and maintaining meaningful relationships in the same way that working on-site allows. It’s difficult to foster a great employee experience and generate enthusiasm about company culture without ample social engagement.

Despite the challenges, there are benefits that have come with this shift to remote work for both employees and the companies. While companies may have initially shifted to remote work with safety and compliance as their top priority, they are also experiencing sizable cost savings benefits, as well as other advantages such as an expanded talent pool. 

The uncertainty of our future, along with these silver lining benefits, are prompting HR leaders to think long-term about the shift to a remote workforce and how to solve for the challenges and potential negative impact on the employee experience.

Garten is asking these same questions, for their own workforce as well as their clients’. At garten, our innovative offerings help to attract and retain talent, keep teams healthier, and bring more creativity into the workplace. Overall employee wellbeing, with attentiveness to mind, body, and environment, it’s what we do – workplace wellbeing for every employee, even when the workplace is also their home.

If you’re looking for a way to adapt to the change of your employees working remotely, wondering how to still keep them engaged and provide a great employee experience, please visit us at https://garten.co to join the conversation. 

blog post written by Kathleen Donnelly