Data proves people will choose healthier snacks given the option

A 2018 study, of employees across the U.S., conducted by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) found that the foods typically found at the office contain high amounts of sodium, refined grains, very little whole grains, and fruit. The analysis  of the study also suggested employers should have a bigger responsibility; “workplaces can play more of a role to help ensure access to and promote healthier options.”

We decided to conduct our own analysis, using 23 months of continuous client purchasing data, to better understand snacking patterns over time. The data analysis, completed at the end of 2018, showed that 93% of the food purchased by our corporate clients was healthier than snacks typically consumed in office environments. The data also demonstrated that healthy food consumption increases over time. The more that healthy options were offered, the more likely people were to choose to eat healthy, even when a variety of unhealthy options were also available.

Our customer data also showed that people will happily transition to foods, snacks, and beverages that are better and healthier for them if given the option. Here are other interesting findings:

  • Unhealthy snacking trends downward over time as exposure to healthy options increases – Over the 23 months, there was a 21% drop in unhealthy purchases between January 2017 and November 2018. To us, this proved that our “nudge, don’t push” approach works — when people are exposed to healthier choices, they increasingly choose healthy over unhealthy.
  • 80% of companies kept unhealthy snacking in a range of less than 5 percent. For 38% of companies, less than 2.5% of their purchases were unhealthy.
  • Cereals were the most popular “cheat category.” When companies purchased unhealthy snacks, they requested ultra-processed cereals 62% of the time as their “must-have.”
  • Fresh fruit leads the list of the 10 most popular snacks purchased by our clients. Bulk products like nuts and seeds came in at #6 on the list (based on serving size analysis).

The results of this analysis validated what we already suspected: healthy eating is taking off in the workplace. Don’t get left behind.

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