Corporate Gifts and Ways to say “Thank You” to colleagues, clients, and business partners

While corporate gifts can easily become just more “stuff” with someone else’s logo on it that’ll never get used, there are actually many fun, useful, and heartfelt ways to express your gratitude in the business world.

Whether it’s seasonal gift-giving, a ‘thanks for taking a meeting with me’, or ‘you’re a valued part of my team’, it’s never too late to let someone know you appreciate them and their partnership. Here are 5 ideas to celebrate teammates, business partners, and colleagues with gifts they actually love.

Tell them why you’re grateful – Saying ‘thank you’ doesn’t need to be expensive. Sometimes a handwritten card or a meaningful message of gratitude makes more of an impact. You can write your message on a digital card using a template from PaperlessPost and or have it printed and mailed to your coworker via Postable. Also, consider doing it yourself: these days, when everything is digital, a personalized handwritten from you card can go a long way. 

Food is love – Especially when it’s healthy and shareable with the whole family. Snacks help fuel your recipient—and maybe even their kids or roommates—through days filled with Zoom calls. We offer snack boxes in three sizes containing the most unique curation of snacks, with an emphasis towards higher quality better-for-you items. If your client is more into coffee, we also offer a coffee experience box pairing premium, fair trade coffee with delectable snacks. 

Let your recipient choose – You have a budget in mind, and want your employees to receive a high quality gift—or experience—that they actually want, and will use. With Snappy, you enter the date and email address, your recipient selects their own gift. Snappy even lets you schedule gifts to be e-sent on anniversaries, holidays, and birthdays. 

Warm their heart – And help the less fortunate. Make a donation to a charitable organization on behalf of your colleague or corporate partner. Global Giving offers Thank You cards that get sent to your colleague so they can research the organization you chose. Global Giving even lets you donate without designating the charity, so your colleague can decide on the worthy cause. 

Tried and true – These days, most of us can satisfy the basics with a few clicks or swipes, so if you’re still stuck for an idea, give them something you know they’ll use: a gift card. Whether it’s Amazon, DoorDash, or Instacart, a gift card is always a safe bet—and particularly during these times where people are trying to stay home more to protect themselves and stay healthy. 

Written by Toffler Niemuth