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The Benefits of Healthy Snacks as Perks to Boost Productivity in the Return to the Office

Curated Winter Experiences

November As the leaves begin to fall and we feel the call of cozy fires and warm smells from the kitchen, we turn our hearts and minds to reflect on the year and find the sparks of kindness and gratefulness that will keep us warm through the winter.  A time to appreciate family and celebrate […]

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The Smart Investment Companies Aren’t Making

When Elon Musk talks about “first principles” in relation to building rockets, it sounds exciting. But what happens if you use that same style of thinking and apply it to something more terrestrial? In a nutshell, first principles thinking is asking questions with the purpose of uncovering your assumptions. Assumptions have a way of proving […]

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4 Creative Ways Employers Can Provide Benefits

Employee benefits have gotten a boost in recent years, with employers including everything from tuition assistance to vacation perks in their hiring packages. Not only do these benefits tend to increase loyalty, employees are also often more productive when their stressors are reduced. If you’re thinking of taking a second look at your company’s benefits […]

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