Category: Workplace Wellbeing

Serotonin Supports Good Mood with Food

Make Healthy Snacks A Benefit

It’s been proven that what we eat has a greater impact on overall health and well being that any other factor, including physical exercise. So why is it that most benefit programs start with gym memberships? When it comes to healthy eating at work, employees at most companies are hindered by limited choices and poor […]

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Employee Experience in the Age of Covid

Last week garten attended the Perks NYC conference to virtually meet with like-minded Human Resource professionals who place as much importance on the employee experience as their colleagues place on customer experience.  At garten, our vision is to bring a modern approach to workplace wellbeing. We are focused on developing and delivering innovative offerings that […]

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A Fresh Approach to Self-Care

“There are days I drop words of comfort on myself like falling leaves and remember that it is enough to be taken care of by myself.” – Brian Andreas Traditionally, September brings a breath of fresh air, as the intensity of summer’s heat gives way to chilly mornings, nature changes her attire, shedding the bright […]

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Our Journey to garten

“All the flowers of tomorrow, are in the seeds of today” Indian Proverb Last week we announced the exciting news of our rebrand! How did we get from Oh My Green to garten?  The idea for garten started with founder Michael Heinrich. He recognized a trend in workplace environments where employees are experiencing burnout rather […]

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Challenging Inequities in Your Organization

At garten our mission is to EMPOWER people to live healthy and blissful lives.  Some experience our mission through our healthy snacks and lunch offerings. Our CEO and founder Michael Heinrich believes that living a healthy and blissful life involves more than simply nutrition choices, to function in a healthy and blissful state, we must […]

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