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The Benefits of Healthy Snacks as Perks to Boost Productivity in the Return to the Office

Eric Liedtke’s Degenerate Life after adidas

Eric Liedtke is a visionary leader who has spent over 25 years in the sports and fashion industry. He is well known for his contributions to adidas, where he served as the Executive Board Member responsible for Global Brands from 2014 to 2019. During his tenure at adidas, he played a key role in the […]

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Is consciousness the missing piece for business growth?

“[Salmon] hatch in a gravel bed in a stream somewhere deep in the wilderness, wiggle up into water current and eventually enter an overwhelmingly vast ocean. After years of swimming with whales and avoiding sharks, they travel sometimes thousands of miles back to that same little stream in that same wilderness where they reproduce and […]

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Top work health, fitness & wellbeing tips for 2021

To kick off the new year, garten has partnered with professional bodybuilder, mechanical engineer, and lifestyle coach Nimai Delgado of Vedge Nutrition to bring you a 100% plant-based snack box—complete with some of Nimai’s favorite snacks and two types of Vedge Nutrition organic protein powder. We interviewed Nimai and asked him to share what his top tips for health, fitness, and […]

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5 Steps to Mental Wellbeing & Stress Management

ACTIVATE Becoming physically active is a great way to gain stress management skills and promote overall well being. Pair your activities with goals or challenges and you’ll be excelling in no time. Remember folks, consistency is key here so ease into it. Some great activities to try that are free and easy to start include […]

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