Building Wellness into Corporate Culture to Drive Productivity

Oh My Green’s Founder and CEO, Michael Heinrich, was invited to chat with Connie Steele, the host of the Strategic Momentum Podcast. Michael shared his views on the importance of wellness in the corporate world. He firmly believes that keeping employees healthy and happy results in a workforce that is more productive and engaged. 

For years, the traditional startup culture has been of people “burning the midnight oil” and a workforce that is usually stretched to the limit; with companies doing very little to support their employees’ wellbeing. In Michael’s view, this is not sustainable. He believes there needs to be a mindset shift and a corporate cultural change where employee wellness is prioritized. 

At Oh My Green,  wellness starts with nutrition. In fact, our product consists of providing nutritious snacks, meals, drinks in the workplace. Oh My Green’s mission is to provide companies healthier choices for their employees so they can achieve their full potential, both at work and in their personal lives. But wellness needs to be viewed in a holistic way. 

There are three important pillars of wellness: body, mind, and environment. Good nutrition takes care of the first element: body. Mind refers to the emotional and mental wellbeing which is achieved by rest and a stress-free environment. Environment refers to the physical space, which could be the place of work as well as the company culture.   

Building a  culture of wellness doesn’t happen overnight. It requires everyone in the organization to realize its value and a commitment to live it. So, start with small achievable, personalized, tasks and experiment along the way to see what sticks to ensure a higher level of engagement across the organization. And lastly, “nudge don’t push” to get people to participate.  

Listen to the complete podcast to learn more about Michaels’s vision and the journey that led to found Oh My Green. 

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