Best Approaches to Workplace Wellness – Part 3: Gradual Changes Bring Big Improvements

This is the last of 3 posts on Best Approaches to Workplace Wellness. Hopefully you have read Part 1: Make Healthy Snacks a Benefit and Part 2: Allow Wellness Customization already.

Poor nutrition directly correlates to the three biggest health epidemics in America. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), per-year absenteeism costs can range from $8,065 for a single condition like obesity to more $40,000. As an employer, you know you have a responsibility to provide the best possible work environment for your employees. But, change is hard, especially as it relates to the deeply personal and ingrained habits of a person’s diet.

People don’t like to be forced to change. An all-or-nothing approach to altering your company’s culture is definitely not the way to go and simply will only set you up for failure. Taking a gradual approach to implementing changes will bring the most success as you transform your workplace into a destination for healthy living. Nudge don’t push.

Start with small adjustments, such as swapping out a few ultra-processed snacks with less processed and healthier versions. Reduce the number of sugary sodas and replace them with flavored sparkling waters or other unsweetened beverages. Another great way to gain engagement is by hosting snack tastings events. This way you give employees the opportunity to sample foods they may not ordinarily eat and/or be curious about and they can provide feedback before you got through with a full implementation into the office.  

Making these changes won’t be as difficult as you may think. According to Goldman Sachs, the Millennial generation —now one of the largest segments of the workforce— cares deeply about wellness, especially when it comes to exercise and food. While not everyone will be on board right away, you may encounter less resistance than you imagine. This is also true because there’s an incorrect assumption that nutritious snacks don’t taste good. Of course, that’s not the case! Every product we carry is vetted by our team of nutritionists and supertasters so that good-for-you = good tasting.

Ultimately, altering the corporate food offerings to be more in-line with health shouldn’t feel like a forced mandate, but an invitation to try new healthier things. New food options should be offered in a low-pressure environment, with changes occurring slowly. 

At Oh My Green, we work with you to make the right decisions on what and when small changes should be implemented. This will ensure a comfortable transition into a more comprehensive health food program that will foster a new culture of wellness in your company. 

We’d be thrilled to help you get started with a food program for your office. We’ll help you create the right environment that is key to a great workplace culture with a focus on wellness.

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