Best Approaches to Workplace Wellness – Part 1: Make Healthy Snacks a Benefit

It’s been proven that what we eat has a greater impact on overall health and well being that any other factor, including physical exercise. So why is it that most benefit programs start with gym memberships?

When it comes to healthy eating at work, employees at most companies are hindered by limited choices and poor habits. According to a recent survey from CareerBuilder, “nearly half of U.S. workers (45 percent) believe they’ve gained weight at their present jobs. Of these workers, 1in 4 say they’ve gained at least 10 pounds in their current position, and 1 in 10 say they’ve gained 20 or more.”

The good news is that office cultures are shifting and companies are now recognizing the role they play in the health of their employees. Employers are beginning to realize that health status not only affects individuals but also have an impact on the entire company’s bottom-line. The CDC estimates that productivity losses due to missed work cost employers $225.8 billion, or $1,685 per employee annually. Unfortunately, employers don’t know how to start or what is the best approach to bringing wellness into the workplace. We believe you should start by making healthy food and snacks a benefit

When employees are busy and on the go, they tend to eat what is quick and convenient. This often means hitting up the vending machines which are filled with sugar-packed and nutrient-void drinks, snacks, and candy. In order to encourage better eating, consider increasing healthier convenient options and offer it fully, or even partially, subsidized as part of your company benefits. Employees will feel supported by their employer and be incentivized to make better choices, leading to a more healthy and productive workforce.  Truly a win-win situation. 

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