Aiding Northern California’s Wildfire Victims: How we can help

Since igniting on October 8, Northern California’s wildfires have resulted in 42 deaths, 210,000 acres of destroyed property, and 100,000 evacuees. Just north of Oh My Green’s South San Francisco warehouse, the Tubbs, Mendocino County, Nuns, and Pocket fires have caused the majority of the destruction so far; south of us, Santa Cruz’s Bear Fire continues to raze and threaten our local communities.

California fire map as of October 18. Black circles symbolize fires that have been contained or extinguished, orange houses are shelters, and red flames indicate threatening fires.

Thanks to Lia Coniglio, our Head of Human Evolution (HR), and Michael Heinrich, our CEO, Oh My Green’s donation efforts began immediately. By October 12, our warehouse crew had a pallet of protein bars, snacks, whole food powders, and beverages for the firefighters and evacuees. Three days later, we had a car full of new blankets, pillows, respiratory masks, and pet food for local shelters and humane societies. Team building activities are a major part of Oh My Green’s culture, and relief for fire victims remains a cause we’re eagerly supporting.

For more information on how you and your team can get involved, visit the following links:

Our warehouse operations crew members, like Jed Hortaleza (above), were indispensable in helping us gather the donations. 


Ready to roll.