4 Creative Ways Employers Can Provide Benefits

Employee benefits have gotten a boost in recent years, with employers including everything from tuition assistance to vacation perks in their hiring packages. Not only do these benefits tend to increase loyalty, employees are also often more productive when their stressors are reduced. If you’re thinking of taking a second look at your company’s benefits package, there are several changes you can make that are budget-friendly, more inclusive, or more focused on the mental health of your employees. Check out garten Experiences, where you can find in-person services for your workers that include things like flu shots and chair massage. You can also think about how you can make a difference in the lives of your employees when they’re not at work.

Help with their education

Many employers choose to help their workers fund their higher learning experience if it applies to their job, or if it could help them secure a promotion. You might offer tuition assistance, or match a certain amount. With a Bachelor of Science in Accounting, your employees can learn accounting and auditing skills that will help your business run efficiently, and there are several programs available online that will ensure they can keep working while earning their degree from the comfort of their own homes. Talk to your employees to find out what their goals are, whether they would be interested in pursuing a degree if they have assistance, and how you can make this move mutually beneficial.

Focus on health

While helping your employees reach their goals is important, it’s also a good idea to give them the tools to boost their wellness at work. Sometimes it’s the small things that make a big impact, such as offering water, coffee, tea, and productivity-boosting snacks. You can also go a little bigger and create a wellness initiative that will help everyone make movement a priority, especially if they sit at a desk most of the day. You could even provide standing desks, yoga classes, or health videos that can be accessed anytime. garten offers these through their own channel. Not only does focusing on the health of your employees help them take action for their own benefit, it shows them that you’re invested in their wellbeing.

Keep their mental health in mind

Physical health is important, but it’s crucial not to underestimate how big an impact a person’s mental health has on their ability to do their job efficiently. It’s extremely challenging to focus on work when there are family problems going on at home, or when financial troubles are causing stress. The best way to assist your workers with their mental wellbeing is two-pronged: offer things like paid time off, child care assistance, counseling services, and remote work opportunities; and follow up with them in a private meeting. Let them know that you care about what they’re going through, and remind them that they are part of a team that will support them with you.

Recognize hard work

Your employees work hard for you everyday, and while offering perks is a great incentive, it’s also important for you to recognize specific achievements. You don’t have to spend a ton of money to make someone feel great about a success; you might work shout-outs into your team calls, or take them out to lunch. If you do want to go bigger, you can put together prizes or trophies to hand out at company-wide events, or surprise your team with a party. Recognizing your employees for all the good they do is a great way to boost team morale and keep them on track.

 Finding new ways to offer creative benefits to your workers doesn’t have to be expensive or time-consuming. Remember that sometimes, it’s about the small things. Keeping communication open with your team will help you learn more about their needs as you move forward.